From my key words in Mihimhi (Journey, Coming together & Collective Identity), I came up with the idea of a journey of rubbish coming together to create a collective identity within their space. After photographing I found that the space in which the rubbish are found became really interesting and kind of looks like a backdrop. After a lot of playing around, my idea developed into portraits of rubbish and how together they formed a person while also reflecting on the space they were in.



At the start, I was experimenting with both landscape and portraits and found that the portraits gives more context of the space. I was really interested in the space behind the rubbish. The idea of the composition is how the eyes look at the space first and then drop down to the rubbish, immediately making the connection. It is placed in the middle to reflect on how if a person was in the photo, that’s where they would stand for the portrait. The space are blur with depth of field so that its not distracting. I also played around with scale and objects that are stack when found. I took portraits of them in a plain backdrops/wall that were behind. These objects are much bigger than the small rubbish at the bottom, but works well in the series and helps communicating the idea more.

Straightening and cropping became a really big part of the series, it was really crucial that the rubbish are in the centre and as straight as possible to keep the consistency in the series.

Role: Photographer/Artist

For: Massey University – Lens

Date: 2014