Ben is a contemporary stool, designed to be a featured piece of any living room.

The form of the stool draws its audience in, no matter which angle it is viewed from. Each façade is unique and intriguing. Ben is created with no screws and each panel was puzzled together by hand. There is no front and back side for Ben, it is designed to be placed in which ever way the audience desires. Its modular design allows its audience to place Ben in many different ways, creating a multi-purpose furniture piece.

Ben has a distinctive blend of material, using acrylic and Rimu wood. The acrylic panels soften the Rimu, making the stool appear lighter. Similarly, the Rimu adds a delicate and sophisticated touch as it crosses over the acrylic panels. The façade that is fully covered in Rimu looks simple and clean, contrasting with its opposite side where the acrylic and timber pieces are interlocking.

The flatter side could be used as a stool, but also as a plinth to showcase other items whether is it the right side up or upside down. Its four sides can be used as a two person stool, foot rest or a small table.

In colloboration with Jake Luijten, Ruan Yu and Sopanha Kham

For: Massey University

Date: 2016