BodyPrint is an interactive installation that allows the public and symposium guests to experience "printing their body". BodyPrint is based on the  idea of your body constantly performing writing, leaving traces and drawing, yet it is invisible to us. The installations bring the invisible visible through digital motion capture and allows the audience to print, write and draw with their body.

BodyPrint starts off as part of the Performance Arcade where it will be accessible to the public. The installation will continue at Somes island at the Gun Emplacement as a sort of outdoor playground. Bats Theatre's BodyPrint is located at the stairs leading people up to the symposium area. Finally for a celebration of the Performance Writing Symposium, the Kuratini Marae will have BodyPrint projected onto the building.

Bodyprint allows the guests to open their mind to what Performance Writing could be, and what it means to write. Bodyprint is uniques to each individual as we all have a unique gestures pattern, the same way everyone has unique handwritings. Bodyprint mimic the act of writing but with your body. 

Role: Spatial Designer

For: Massey University - Performance Writing Symposium

Date: 2016

Special Thanks to: Molly Gare, Bamboo Lertsongsak, Sasha Lewis, Molly Smith