Home Away From Home


Massey University’s student run space at 20 Wallace Street provides an all-hours refuge for design students, with the aim of promoting both student safety and community engagement through sustainable means.
This space aims to utilise low consumption living by promoting the use of public transport, space efficient vegetable gardens, a low-fuel heating system and by providing accommodation for large numbers at short notice. By having literally stripped away the front face of the building both Massey students and the wider community are encouraged to interact, engage with, and enjoy the space throughout the day.  While at night the space evolves, offering students the opportunity to stay over after late night studying, thus creating a “home away from home” right on campus.

In collaboration with: Bamboo Lertsongsak, Julia Brown, Natalie Willcox, Molly Smith

For: Massey University - Site 20 Wallace St

Date: 2015