Honey, I am home


This research engages with the “Honey, I am home” illustration book and criticizes our consumption culture by looking at ethics of ownership and how we treat things we “own.” Technology advancement is growing rapidly, and thus artificial intelligence brings up the question of what it means to be alive. With growing technologies such as smartphones, smartcars etc.; the idea of strong artificial intelligence “co-living” with us in our smarthomes is not too far fetched into the future.

This review explores the idea of living homes and what it means for a house to be alive – material aliveness as well as sentient aliveness. It will question our own definition of ‘alive’ and push the boundaries to create a discussion of what is to come or could come in our near future. Would we treat things “better” if we considered them alive?

Role: Spatial Designer

For: Massey University

Date: 2017