Hyperscope is an interactive piece that challenges reality (hyper) through your sight (scope). Its aim is to create a fun, immersive adventure through looking into a giant kaleidoscope. We often trust our vision, but what happens when our vision is being questioned? 

The kaleidoscopes are tied onto poles around cuba st, and creates “hidden” worlds for the audience to experience. The aim is to make the audience feel psychedelic as well as  delighted to view to city in a new different, fun, way. This brings them up into a surreal glimpse of an alternative reality.

We all see the world differently, and the kaleidoscope allows us to explore that further. It create a sense of intimacy, yet a fun interactive experience with the surrounding environments. We would belong more in “play” zone than a serious tone zone. We want it to be an adventure and a playground of sort for all ages.

We are in between installation and interaction, people have to interact with the light to be able to experience its full potential of bringing them into a new world (or in a psychedelic effect). Howeverwhen the kaleidoscope are repeated throughout the site with it’s colorful light while clustering in a urban space and lighting the city, it becomes an installation. 

In collaboration with: Megan Taylor, Liv Lloyd, Greer Carmine, Irina Macovei

For: Massey University - Lux Festival

Date: 2017