Seafarer's Centre

Client's Brief

On average the seafarers stay at the centre for 8 hours, typically only seeing the port and the centre as a representation of New Zealand. Accordingly, Lance wanted to provide an iconic space for the seafarers where they can enjoy a journey through New Zealand’s landscapes. To show them everything from open beaches to clean mountains, including tourist hotspots such as the Hobbiton. Lance wanted to portray a scenic experience of New Zealand’s beauty while offering the seafarers a safe place to relax.

Our Respond

We embraced the idea of giving the seafarers a journey and turning it into a subtle New Zealand experience. We wanted to continue to acknowledge the cultural diversity of the visitors (mainly Asia) and to accommodate the space to their customs.  We heard Lance’s importance about providing a space that clearly communicated Aotearoa and its famous clean landscape, therefore we wanted bring visual aspects to enrich this idea through artworks and materials. We also saw this as an opportunity to build an open space that encourages interaction and social activities, creating a community within the seafarers.

You can find the link to our research dossier below: 

In collaboration with: Liam GrayCaitlin Treweek, Courtney Martin and Tanya Achterstraat

For: Massey University – Mission for the Seafarers Centre

Date: 2016