Zencha is a retail store that embodies the Chinese tea drinking values and culture while also referencing the Japanese tea drinking ritual and architecture. This store is a way to slow down the multi-taking modern lifestyle. This will allow for better appreciation and focus, better enjoyment as well as a way to connect with nature in the city. This space will be a place to refresh the mind and bodies while appreciating the ancient tea drinking cultures and values. With the growing population of Chinese immigrants as well as elderly, this space will provide a homely feel. Zencha is an exclusive store that can be access by appointment only, to reserved the calm and quietness of the space. This will allow for better connection with oneself.

Zencha is divided into 3 sections, first you enter a 'tea picking' space, then you proceed to wash yourself or hands in the second section and finally you can enjoy your tea in a shallow pond. 

Role: Spatial Designer

For: Massey University – Spatial Design Studio

Date: 2015